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The Attorneys at Shawn Jaffer & Associates Law Firm located in Dallas, Texas are experienced and skilled trial lawyers that help our clients with Credit Card Debt Lawsuit Defense, Collect Debts for Clients, Unfair Debt Collection, Unfair Credit Reporting, Business CHARLOTTE, N. Tucker Albin & Associates is the commercial collection agency that takes the worry over past due balances out of your hands, and we turn it into peace of mind as we diligently and efficiently settle delinquent accounts. While a strong credit policy and collection process may serve your company for the majority of your outstanding invoices, there will come a time when getting paid from a client or customer proves difficult, and you risk being left with bad debt on your books, requiring you to resort to debt recovery lawyers. Customer Complaints. e. Something about a legal case connected to " [my] name and social security number. The secret of our success is a combination of our people and our training Debt Recovery and Collection Lawyer in Dubai, UAE. 6621 Bay Cir Ste 180 Norcross, GA 00003-0071 Hollis Cobb Associates, Inc. DNF’s lawsuits are usually filed without the proper assignment or title paperwork to prove their case. This  So, some debt collectors are real, and they're acting on behalf of the company to whom you owe money. Debt collection agencies must include their DCA license number in all letters sent to you. Jana Ferrell & Associates, L. -. Our unwavering commitment to consistently provide ethical, results-driven service will result in long-term relationships characterized by mutual trust and respect. MRS Associates is a debt collection agency that also goes by the name MRS BPO, LLC. Their practices are questionable because it is against the FCRA or FDCPA for them to threaten legal action with no plans on following through. But the strategy roughly follows the idea that the credit card collection company or debt collection law firm likely only gets paid if they actually recover regardless of the We’ve compiled a debt collection agency list to help you determine who is calling you. First and foremost, take a look at your credit reports to gather a few key details about your debt. Approximately 200 employees support these services on an inbound and outbound call basis. After being with a former collection company that picked over the accounts in their decision to pursue or not to pursue; it is very refreshing to know that Meade & Associates will put the same effort into recovery of uncollected balances regardless of the denomination. 2557 It's stressful enough getting calls from debt collectors for bills The FTC says Williams, Scott & Associates and company president John  A debt collector is anyone who regularly collects defaulted debts owed to others. Wakefield and Associates, Inc. Your commercial collection agency solution. If you have been contacted by Zwicker & Associates about a debt, it is important that you make sure it is actually your debt. We provide debt collection services to clients in Oklahoma, Missouri, Tex as, Kansas and Arkansas and specialize in aged accounts. Over 75% of what we collect is collected within the first 5 business days. is a collection agency located in Vineland, New Jersey. debt collection We have focused on developing the most successful collection process, analysis and techniques to maximize the recovery and the fee we earn from each viable claim. All Collection Agencies are not the same. They have been listed as a debt collection agency through multiple different markets, and have been in business for quite a few years. smith and associates po box 5266 poland, oh 44514 (510) 275-4603 Type of a scam Debt Collections. It was founded in 1991 by brothers Saul Freedman and Jeff Freedman, and is based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. * SIMM Associates has more than 25 years experience assisting creditors with recovering value from accounts receivable. 3. Harris & Associates, LLC is a debt-collection law firm located at 116 John Street, Suite 1510, New York, New York 10038. We successfully recover bad debt for our clients in a cost effective and timely manner. DNF Associates, LLC (also known as Diverse Funding Associates, LLC) is a debt buyer of old debt from banks and credit card companies and sues Michigan consumers through its law firm, Stenger & Stenger. Creditors/collection agencies can make collection calls and file lawsuits against the consumers represented by the debt relief companies. GRS has received consumer complaints alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), including failure to verify debts and attempting to collect debts not owed. The message states to go to directrecovery. Burt and Associates Debt Collection Success Rate is 33% Higher than the Industry Average. the consumer was not happy with how Levy and Associates, LLC responded to their complaint) and 75% were processed in a timely manner. 10 Glenlake Pkwy NE #130. As technology advances so do the skills of con artists. Read More. GRS Debt Collection, İstanbul. I have recently been contacted about a debt from 2005 that was dismissed in a chapt 13. The FTC enforces the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which makes it illegal for debt collectors to use abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices when they collect debts. " They didn't address me by name. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) says that a debt collector is not allowed to use unfair practices in trying to collect a debt. MRS Associates may appear on your credit report as any of the following entries: mrs and associates; mrs associates nj; mrs Demanding an amount that is not supported by law or the original debt agreement Company Profile: SRS and Associates Inc. If the original creditor cannot validate the debt, Zwicker & Associates cannot collect it. There are even some companies which purchase past - due or default debts and then try to collect them. Encore and Portfolio Recovery Associates Must Refund Millions of Dollars and Overhaul Debt Collection and Litigation Practices WASHINGTON, D. 1. ” Consolidated AR, Tab 125, SSD, at 22. The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) has received a complaint of what appears to be a debt collection scam. Let us handle collecting your past due receivables so you never have to worry about collections again. Administrative and decision-making control located in close proximity to our local clients allows us more insight about the debtor population than organizations in other regions of the Shawn Jaffer & Associates. Under normal standards, debt that is obtained by our company has already gone through the process of the original creditor's internal Bryant Bryant & Associates provide a wide range of collection services for several industry segments including legal, healthcare, education and more. The SSA’s decision was flawed for two reasons. Errors happen. By law, debt collection Collection fees. Collection agencies are highly regulated by both Federal Law and various State laws. We understand the importance of protecting the value of our clients’ brand. 678-566-6800. At McCormick & Associates, P. gov/dca. As a Top Debt-Collection Agency in the U. Zwicker & Associates P. As one of the nation’s premier commercial collection agencies, our goal is to achieve the best possible collection returns for our clients while treating debtors Debt collectors must treat you with truth, fairness, dignity, and respect. Understand your rights as a consumer when it comes to debt collection. Melton Norcross & Associates LLC is a commercial debt collection agency based in Frisco, Texas. This is an attempt to collect a debt. C & M Associates Group, Inc. To connect with GRS Debt Collection, log in or create an account. Refusing to allow you to request validation. April 21st, 2020. Filed under: News. She was a piece of work, and the epitome of why collections calls have such a horrible reputation. It's very simple: Someone contacts you — often by phone, but also by text message, fax, mail or email — and claims that you owe a debt. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states that debt collectors must send consumers a written notice within five days of the first collection phone call, stating the amount of the debt and what it relates to. Atlanta, GA 30328. Our commitment is to help resolve debt in an effort to improve consumers' credit history background. McKenzie, Paul and Associates provides debt collection and client services to a broad range of industries. An Atlanta-based debt collection company and its owners will be permanently banned from the debt collection industry Stuart-Lippman and Associates is a professional debt collection agency. Fax Your Referral to 877-862-6336. Learn about some examples of "unfair" practices by a debt collector. – Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) took action against the nation’s two largest debt buyers and collectors for using deceptive tactics to collect bad debts. Not sending the 30 day notice to request validation is a violation. Since 1991, Shaffer & Associates has been recovering defaulted accounts and returned checks for Retail, Service, Medical, Mail Order, Rental, Financial, and Utility companies. 1600 Market Street Suite 2510 Philadelphia, PA, 19103 Toll Free: 877-735-8600 Local: (215)735-8600 Fax: (215) 940-8000 Smith, Rouchon & Associates, Inc. We are accustomed to and fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountibility Act (HIPAA), the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), and the Fair Credit Reporting Act Debt Collectors Who Frequently Violate the FDCPA. The consumer reported receiving threatening calls from a company claiming to be “GM & Associates. However, real debt collectors still have to obey the law. He convinced me because he had my social security number, address, email address, and bank account. Manderson & Associates is a full-service debt collection agency that specializes in commercial debt collection. S. Received an urgent robocall from GRS stating the person needs to call them by 7:00pm immediately to pay an outstanding debt. Even if you’re ready to take care of your collection accounts, you may want to pump the brakes. We are located in Uniondale, New York, and our services are available to clients nationwide. Did you receive a phone call or letter from Stuart-Lippman and Associates? Call us for payment options at 1-800-880-5400 or make a payment securely and confidently by clicking the McKenzie, Paul and Associates is an Austin, Texas based debt collection agency that was founded in 2004. Phone, address and details about the agency. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina. Bass & Associates 3936 E Ft Lowell Road Suite 200 Tucson, AZ 85712-1083 Bass & Associates Bass & Associates is an Arizona collection agency. For a free consultation and no-obligation price quote, call us toll free at 469-513-8458 or click here Creditors/collection agencies can make collection calls and file lawsuits against the consumers represented by the debt relief companies. m. com Direct Recovery Associates, Inc. Tate and Kirlin Associates. At the Federal level, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act governs debt collectors; at the State level, California has its own Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, as well as other consumer protection statutes apply. Howe Law Firm. PRS & Associates is a well-established local in the debt collection industry. is a collection agency located in Knoxville, TN. Francis Mailman Soumilas, P. Most debts in the U. In any case, the scammer will use all sorts of techniques to get you to If you believe you do not owe the debt, you should tell the debt collector. — Burt and Associates has Specialized in Business-Debt Collections since 1979 for over 17,000 clients. we hold individuals and large companies to the same standards. Clearly a scam. are collected by third-party debt collectors, and often by junk debt buyers as opposed to the entity you originally contracted with. When a debt collector calls, it’s important to know your rights and what you need to do. In a previous career, I had clients who would bring me their collection notices all the time. Hampton Associates, Inc. Over the last two decades, we’ve helped small to medium businesses to collect outstanding debt while maintaining good relationships with their Wilber and Associates Debt Collection Harassment Tactics If Wilber and Associates engages in any of the following tactics, you may have a case: Calls before 8:00 a. Oklahoma City Headquarters Our offices are located in central Oklahoma City but we also provide debt collection for businesses in Texas , Kansas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. Read more. SRS and Associates Inc. info@williamsrush-associates. Based in Jackson, Mississippi, SRA specializes in Medical Collection Accounts, Consumer Collections, Commercial Debt Recovery About MRS Associates. We offer a variety of collection programs to accomodate your company whether you are the florist on the corner, or a major medical company from coast to coast. A. Proof that the debt collector has legal standing to demand a penny from you. Debt collectors can be businesses or agencies which solely focus only on collecting debts, or they can be law firms or lawyers which focus on debt collection. Tell us what works for you and we'll get to work for you- that's doing business your way! For immediate action on your commercial bad debt referrals: Login to HA i CollectTM. Read comments below about 2813240624. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”) regulates what debt collection agencies may and may not do. Account Management Services  A Secure, Sustainable Future. Debt Collection FAQs. the consumer was not happy with how MNS & Associates LLC responded to their complaint) and 78% were processed in a timely manner. She also concluded that the past performance information presented “was not relevant to student debt loan collection or any other kind of debt collection. and internationally. GRS & Associates; Additional Contact Information. gov. If you are having a problem with client delinquencies, our Atlanta Debt Collection Attorneys can help you. They cannot call before 8:00 a. is a law firm that specializes in debt collection. Shaffer & Associates is a 3rd party collection agency, not a law firm. Claimed to be a law office. Typically, collection agents buy accounts for 1 to 10 cents on the dollar. Negotiate A Settlement With MRS Associates. is a nationwide debt collection agency specializing in collecting commercial and professional service claims throughout the U. Harris & Associates, LLC has been named in a class action Collection Bureau Associates is a Full Service Debt Collection Agency. Debt collectors are regulated by numerous state and federal laws in their debt collection activities. Collector (See Debt collector) Manderson & Associates is a full-service debt collection agency that specializes in commercial debt collection. Organized under the laws of the state of Oklahoma, our company is centrally located to How to make a payment to a debt collection agency. They are trying to collect on old debt sometimes uncollectable debt. As you’re checking out a debt collection call, remember: don’t respond to threats. GRS is a national actuarial and benefits consulting firm and an experienced advisor to the public sector community. COMMON QUESTIONS WE GET FROM CLIENTS ABOUT MALEN & ASSOCIATES, P. This means if the pending claims have to be recovered out side of UAE, Al Bahar and Advocates Debt Collection Department will resolve such issues using international associates. We were established in 1993, our only source of income is derived from the collection of delinquent accounts. MRS Associates, aka MRS BPO, LLC, is a debt collection agency located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. 17th April 2014 : Reese Baker & Associates. From sole proprietorship's to large corporations to Fortune 500 corporations, our reputation is built on the principle of client If you are serious about solving your debt collection problems, the recovery team at Jana Ferrell & Associates will help you. ) will get you results! Direct Recovery Associates - www. is a third-party collection agency specializing in commercial and consumer collections. 123 Frost Street Westbury, NY 11590 P: 516-334-3500. inc. has been a leader in the collection industry for over 30 years and continues to  Global Resources & Supports (GRS) was founded on the premise that there should be a common standard of “Excellence” when working to support people in  have to inform you that any communication with GRS and Associates is considered communication with a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt. I contacted the original creditor and they said the account was charged off. 4. To verify if a debt collection agency is licensed, call 311 (212-NEW-YORK outside NYC) or search DCA’s Instant License Check, available online at nyc. 2092 (2010) As a public service, the staff of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has prepared the following complete text of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act §§ 1692-1692p. Debt Collection Scam Warning. Move to the next step if MRS Associates can validate the debt and the statute of limitations has not expired. Debt Work with Townsend. Email this Business. Explore basics Grantley Morris & Associates Cc Phone and Map of Address: 2 ABSA Bldg, 291 Dorothy Nyembe St, Central, Kwazulu Natal, 4001, South Africa, Durban, Business Reviews, Consumer Complaints and Ratings for Debt Collection Services in Durban. Georgia collection agencies can help businesses, medical practices and facilities that are creditors to collect their accounts receivable. , Norfolk, VA 23502-4952. Errors in reporting are so common that many times debt collection agencies may contact you about false debt. Bloom and Associates, P. 2. Contract Resolve Group is a premier commercial collection agency focused solely on improving the financial performance of our clients through accounts receivable collection services. Collection agents buy collection accounts or are hired by original creditors to collect delinquent accounts. Consumers have a right to request an itemization of a debt showing any collection fees and to dispute a debt. Their corporate clients include companies in the telecom, student loan, auto loan, credit card, and healthcare industries. Our debt collectors have years of collection and business experience, and we only do commercial collections, which enables us to successfully implement our unique process. ”. We work  6 ต. A&S Collection Associates · Accelerated Recovery Services, Inc. Email Addresses. . directrecovery. I only make about $600/$700 (maybe a little more) per month and they're currently wanting me to make $150 bi-weekly or $300/mo for a $3,758. Hollis Cobb Associates, Inc. Arizona collection agencies can help businesses, medical practices and facilities that are creditors to collect their accounts receivable. Call 515-279-4400 if you need legal help with a debt collection issue in the West Des MNS & Associates LLC Response to Debt Collection Complaints. A&S Collection Associates is a debt collection agency located in Williamstown, Vermont that claims “Guaranteed Results in Writing” when it comes to collecting money for clients. Debt Collection Attorneys in Dallas, Texas We Defend Debt Collection Lawsuits & Sue to Collect Debts. Collection of an unpaid debt. The Federal Trade Commission is returning $772,512 to consumers who were targeted by a debt collector who unlawfully brokered and collected fake debts that the consumers did not owe. With over twenty years of experience, our team is fully equipped to handle debt issues ranging from detention and demurrage, rate • Greenwich Associates is an independent research firm. or when they know it’s inconvenient for you; Won't let you get a word in edgewise, trying to collection on a debt that was settled a decade ago. While some of these debt collectors operate within the restrictions of the law, many others commit numerous violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and related consumer protection laws. or after 9:00 p. Actuary is GRS We believe in a well-balanced collection of long-term risk Mel S. Insurance Company. For FREE legal help, call us at. Over the years, we have achieved the recognition as the leading Singapore-based Debt Recovery & Collection Entity. When scammers threaten to arrest you, suspend your driver’s license, or call your employer if you don’t pay immediately, hang up and report the collector to the FTC at ReportFraud. It has less than 10 employees, specializes in payday loan collections, and is managed by Esther Dippolito. If the debt is validated, then review the debt's statute of limitations to determine if the collection agent will likely file a lawsuit against you. Learn more about dealing with debt collection at ftc. ค. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a set of federal laws that provide protection for consumers against debt collection harassment or other abusive practices. is a collection agency that specializes in consumer debt settlement and recovery. 2563 Actual debt collectors may contact taxpayers by telephone, but only after the IRS and the debt collection company have attempted to contact  A Maryland/DC Law Debt Collection Law Firm. You can use our tool to search by debt collection agency or you can enter a phone number into the search bar below to see if our debt collection agency list has that phone number on file and which agency it’s connected to. TRS Recovery Services® (TRS) is a premier provider of collection services across varied market segments. The team of collections agents here at Richard James & Associates is dedicated to providing the best financial recovery and commercial collections services in Vancouver, WA and across the United States and Canada. 2 Gem Recovery Systems, Inc. The frequency of contact from our professional collection agency (Lorkins Associates, Inc. Out of the 12 consumer complaints against Levy and Associates, LLC Debt Collection, 8% were disputed by the consumer (i. Report unwanted calls to help identify who is using this phone number. Harris & Associates, LLC represents debt buyers, such as LR Credit, in thousands of debt collection lawsuits against consumers. 0% of consumer complaints against MNS Texas Commercial Debt Collection Services. That would be your word against theirs, but I'd put in an affidavit. Shaffer & Associates. CHARLOTTE, N. A fee (or charge) that a debt collector adds to the amount it attempts to collect from a consumer. We target overdue debt with a “no collection, no commission” approach, earning the loyalty of both old and new clients. Check that the debt collection agency provided required informa-tion. L. 00. Collection Bureau Associates handles commercial and retail accounts throughout the U. We are an extension of our clients’ business that can be confidently trusted to provide award-winning, compliant collection account servicing. No one should be allowed to ignore a debt. It is located at 140 Corporate Blvd. Debt collection help might include; collection demand letters, debt collector phone calls, […] Dedicated Debt Recovery & Collection. Debt collectors cannot state or imply that failure to pay a debt is a crime. If you are serious about solving your debt collection problems, the recovery team at Jana Ferrell & Associates will help you. Company Profile Wakefield and Associates, Inc. or at any time or that they are given notice that it is inconvenient to call Contact McCormick & Associates, P. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA") provides you with significant consumer rights when dealing with debt collectors. GM & Associates threatened to garnish the consumer’s wages if the consumer did not pay on an alleged debt As you’re checking out a debt collection call, remember: don’t respond to threats. Out of the 9 consumer complaints against MNS & Associates LLC Debt Collection, 0% were disputed by the consumer (i. In a time when more and more people are turning for help with their debts, criminals are using the opportunity to prey on unsuspecting victims. You may contact us by email below or call 678-566-6800. The fee must be authorized by an agreement or permitted by law. I set up 3 payments. Debt collection help might include; collection demand letters, debt collector phone calls, credit […] Debt Collection services through our global associates based on No Win No Fee. This includes attorneys who collect debts (such as by suing consumers). They left a voicemail. The tactics you describe is business-as-usual for them. How Debt Collection Scams Work. In my case they were trying to collect debt that was very questionable . Portfolio Recovery Associates may also go by the following names: Portfolio Recovery Associates. Again, your word against theirs. When Zwicker & Associates contacts you about a debt, validate and dispute the debt. Smith, Rouchon, and Associates (SRA) - Contingency Debt Collection Services Nationwide For Over 25 Years. Portfolio Recovery Associates cannot engage in the following debt collection conduct: Calling you before 8 a. E-mail your claim information. GRS HOLDINGS INC A & S COLLECTION ASSOCIATES INC Creditors/collection agencies can make collection calls and file lawsuits against the consumers represented by the debt relief companies. I am wondering if by them referring you to a website, if the debt info is somehow listed there? If so, I didn't know they could do that. gov/debt. ALWAYS dispute the debt in writing and ask for proof such as 1. 281-324-0624. C. C: Is Malen & Associates a real law firm and can they sue me? Malen & Associates is certainly a real debt collection law firm and they can sue you for a debt they claim you owe. 1 ก. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions Brian Russ Law, Inc. That's where our firm can help. is an Georgia collection agency. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act As amended by Public Law 111-203, title X, 124 Stat. 1) paday loan illegal in NJ not sure they could collect Some internet research shows there is a legitimate debt collection agency in Ohio called CRS (no associates) that specializes in gov't collections, but being as my mom is both a practicing doctor and a retired army colonel I'm 100% certain the government knows where to find her. We stop harassing and abusive calls from debt collection agencies who frequently violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. A report was released this week detailing a new form Collection of an unpaid debt. GRS Debt Collection is on Facebook. Every year, Mel S. Many of the complaints against Anderson and Associates constitute activity that is potentially unlawful and punishable under both the FDCPA and state consumer protection laws. 8% of consumer Debt Collectors Who Frequently Violate the FDCPA. In response to your dispute, the collection agency must cease collection activity until they send you some sort of validation of the alleged debt. 1-800-668-3247 or Contact Us Online. Obviously a recorded message. We are real trial lawyers seeking full justice for real people. 22 debt to the University of Northern Iowa, which I Debt relief,Debt consolidation and debt collection information. Mel S. "The switch to Meade & Associates has been very profitable for our company in recovering bad debt balances. to pay online and reference #2***3. (SRA) incorporated in 1979 and has been serving local and national companies in their debt collection efforts continuously. – A criminal bill of indictment was unsealed today in federal court charging five individuals for their involvement in a $3 million debt collection scheme operating in Mecklenburg County that targeted victims throughout the country, announced Jill Westmoreland Rose, U. We handle every aspect of the collection process, including standard collections, litigation, and asset location. Double-check that you actually owe the debt. Williams Rush & Associates, LLC is a debt collection agency and this is an attempt to collect debt. They have been in business since 1986. The phone number GRS called from is (218) 207-2140. GRS (BRISTOL) LIMITED - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return,  Debt Collectors must follow the laws under the FDCPA. (GRS) is a third-party collection agency based in New Jersey that specializes in collecting delinquent medical bills. Answer: NO. ftc. Levy and Associates, LLC Response to Debt Collection Complaints. I then contacted another collection agency that was listed on my credit report and they said the account was sold to another agency that I needed to Utilizing a network of collection attorneys throughout the country; Trusted Commercial Debt Collection Since 2005. Among other legalities, the notice has to state who owes the debt, what the debt is, and how to pay the debt. and after 9 p. Garbely & Associates, LLC is a transportation debt collection agency, dedicated to the transportation and maritime community. Debt relief services may have a negative impact on the consumer's creditworthiness and his overall debt amount may increase due to the accumulation of extra fees. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose. TRS is dedicated to satisfying the needs of its customers, which include retailers, grocers and financial institutions, and fostering the development SRA Associates is a debt collection agency located in Hi-Nella, New Jersey. Address: 7005 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN 37909 (Headquartered in Aurora, CO) Phone Number: (865) 971-1301Years in Business: 34Business Started: 1986Business Started Locally: NoBusiness Incorporated: YesType of Malen & Associates, P. com A & S Collection Associates. They can resume their collection efforts again once they produce proof of your debt. We handle the Medical, Commercial, and Retail accounts and provide a high rate of success. In any case, the scammer will use all sorts of techniques to get you to MRS Associates is a bottom feeding debt buyer. I received a call on my cell phone this morning from Blaze Miller, of SAR and Associates a debt collection company, indicating that I owe money for a debt from 2012 in the amount of $450. Proof that the debt is yours and 2. ’s exact strategy for fighting Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC or any other debt collector is a trade secret and applied on a case-by-case basis. to retain a tenacious debt collection attorney in the West Des Moines, IA area. No "this is an attempt to collect a debt" or "this call is from a debt collector". Known for providing a valued professional debt collection service We cater to all forms of corporate and individual customers, in recovering goods and monies owed. The debt may be completely fake, canceled, discharged, forgiven or beyond the period for collection. At Nelson Cruz and Associates LLC, we help businesses improve cash flow and reduce commercial debt by providing asset remarketing and commercial collections solutions.